Teen Discipleship Resources

Resources to help you begin or grow in relationship with God or find answers to questions you have about God and the Bible.

List of Resources

Trusting Jesus as Savior

An explanation of the good news of what Jesus has done to meet our need and begin a relationship with Him: Lifein6words.com

Bible Study

Resources to help you grow as you study God's truth in Scripture.


Some reasons and ideas for talking with God in Prayer.


Ideas and resources for growing with others as a Christian:


Thoughtful, biblical responses to many questions you may have about God and the Bible:

Movie, TV, Etc. Reviews

Reviews from a Christian perspective for movies, TV shows, video games, and books: Pluggedin.com

Sharing Jesus

Ideas and information to help lovingly share the good news of Jesus with others: Dare2Share app

ReaLife Blog

Blog entries about living as a Christian: ReaLife Encouragement for Teens

Youth Pastor Contact

You can talk, call, or email our office with questions.

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